Handmade Soaps

For those of you that know me, you know I love to make things from scratch.  I love the satisfaction I get from knowing that I can make something not only cheaper than the store bought version, but also healthier for my family and customers.

My soaps and beauty items are like that.  Legally I can’t make any health claims, but from what  hear from people that use my products,  they love them, and they work.

Like my gluten-free baking, I work with my customers to develop recipes that meet their individual needs.  Some people love shea butter, and some have allergic reactions to it.  Some people love goat milk soap, and some people are vegans and stay away from it.  I don’t make huge batches of product, which means I have a tight control as to what goes in it.  If you like a heavy fragrance I can do that.  If y0u prefer unscented I can do that too.  I am constantly working on new recipes that might be considered “thinking outside of the box.”  I am by no means a website developer, but come take a peek at my website and see if I can help you get healthier either with my gluten-free baking, or my handmade soaps and beauty items.


Thank you for stopping by!

Tina Stalter

A.K.A. Funky Momma of Funky Momma Creations.